Life In Cursive - Softcover Book

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"Tracy Carpenter’s hope and faith are contagious, and on full display in Life in Cursive. She shares her story authentically and powerfully, all while pointing us to the healing power of God. Tracy reminds us of how God can truly turn our pain into something beautiful.”

Jud Wilhite, senior pastor, Central Church, author of Pursued

"Tracy’s story is one that broke my heart as I read it! Going into it it she starts by saying she was plotted against and so totally deceived by someone she trusted - so I knew as I was reading that it was a story that was true in Tracy’s life... yet not real. Oh how I cried and hurt for Tracy! The things she went through and believed to be true we’re because she loved so deeply... and cared so much! YET... her focus was on God thru the whole story... from the 'please help her, God' to the 'Lord, help me get through this pain!' I couldn’t wait to read the healing part... I knew God had healed her because I only know the Tracy after all of this and she is an incredible woman that loves and serves Him with her whole heart! Her relying on God thru her whole story is a testimony that God IS with us in each and every part of our own stories... this is a MUST read if you need a way to navigate thru your own painful story!"

Pam Booher, Pastor Crossroads Christian Church